Fast Killer Motocross

Track Manager
Courtesy of AUS_Bilby
A neat utility to install/uninstall tracks from your main MCM2 folders quickly and easily.
Speeds up loading time for MCM2, only keep the ones in your main folder that you are currently running, without the hassle.
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No-Cd Patch
Speed up loading the game, download this patch and the cd is no longer accessed.
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Plate Editor
Modify your bike number, useful if your regular race no. is less than 100
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Message Editor
Change the messages displayed in game when readying
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Height Map Converter
This program is for evrybody who creates tracks for mcm2, the good, and the bad. For all the epeople who make the best tracks, this is a program that will help with smoothness, and accurate jumps, rather than airbrushed accuracy. For beginners, this is a good tool to get you started, with a basic tutorial all you do is draw the jump from the side and it converts it to a height map of the jump, you can then paste into the track.
Tool provided by Zer0_Eight Click Here To Download